The ENNCB Billionaires Index is a current ranking of the billionaires in the world. Details about the biography are provided on the profile page of each billionaire.

The Billionaires of the World is ranked by the annual entries of the billionaires compiled in the world and published by the American business magazine Annual Forbes in March. The list was first published in March 1987. The total net worth of each person on the list is estimated and quoted in U.S. dollars based on their recorded assets and accounting for other reasons. Royalties and dictators whose wealth comes from their position have been excluded from this list.

This ranking is an indicator of wealthy people who are not able to be fully convinced, excluding any ranking of wealthy people. As of 2018, Microsoft founder Bill Gates was at the top of the list for the last 24 years, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos topped the list for the first time and became the first centenarian to be included in the rankings.

Every year Forbes hires a team of more than 50 journalists from different countries to cover the activities of the billionaires and sometimes groups or families who have shared their wealth. Preliminary surveys are sent to those who may be eligible for the list. According to Forbes, they received three types of feedback – some people try to increase their resources, others cooperate but leave details, and some refuse to answer any questions.

Business contracts are then verified and valuable assets – land, houses, vehicles, works of art, etc. – are estimated. Interviews are conducted to examine statistics and to improve an individual’s holding estimates. Until the end, publicly-traded stock positions are priced on the market about one month before publication. Individually held firms are priced by selling or price-to-earnings ratio from conventional prices. Knowledge is deducted from assets to get the final estimate of the individual’s estimated value in U.S. dollars. As share prices fluctuate rapidly, a person’s actual assets at the time of compiling the listing and ranking at the time of publication may differ from their situation.

Scattered family fortunes include a large number of relatives only if the person’s holdings are worth more than a billion dollars. However, when a surviving person distributes his wealth to close family members, it is included in the single list, provided that the person is still alive.

The royal family and dictators who have positional wealth are always excluded from this list.