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Cox bazar and hotel booking

Where is the longest beach in the world? Cox Bazar is the best traveling experience that is the biggest beach in the world.

Cox’s Bazar attracts a large number of tourists every year due to its ancient heritage and scenic surroundings along the 120 km-long beach. And not only the beach but also a number of places of interest. So some necessary information for the readers of Banglanews and those who are thirsty for travel.

The original name of Cox’s Bazar is Palanki. An officer named Captain Hiram Cox came here in 1799 and established a market. According to his name, Mr. Cox’s Bazar and later known as Cox’s Bazar. Cox’s Bazar is bounded on the north by Chittagong, on the east by the Bandarban Hill District and Myanmar, and on the west and south by the Bay of Bengal.

There are 5 rivers in this district covering an area of ​​2491.86 sq km. These are Matamuhuri, Bankkhali, Reju, Kohalia and Nafnadi. There are 5 islands. These are- Maheshkhali, Kutubdia, Sonadia, Shahpari Island, and St. Martin.

Ancient Traditions: Tourists visiting Cox’s Bazar visit the ancient heritage of Cox’s Bazar. Among them is the strange mosque. It was built during the reign of Shah Sujar in 1600-1700 AD. It is also known as Chowdhury Para Mosque. Its location is on the north side of the BGB camp in Cox’s Bazar municipality. You can go there by rickshaw or tomtom. The fare from the gate of Cox’s Bazar Municipality will be 30 rupees.

A brief guide to travel to Cox Bazar:

A soft bed of sand, the huge sea in front of you. The greatest moment to visit the beach in the morning and afternoon you will enjoy it if you go there.

If you want to visit the fascinating beach then you have to go to Cox’s Bazar, there are blue water and roaring. This report is for those who want to travel with their family.

Maheshkhali, Kutubdia, Sonadia, Matar Bari, Shahpari, St. Martin’s, Cox’s Bazar have been made more attractive and eye-catching. The rivers Mata Muhuri, Bankkhali, Reju, Kuhelia, and Naf flow through this district.

  • The location of Cox’s Bazar for tourism, forest resources, fish, dried fish, snails, oysters, and silica-rich sand is therefore above all for the tourists.
  • Precautions and other information before going to sea: Before going to sea, you must know the tidal time.
  • There are several signboards and flags of Yasir Life Guard in different places on the beach.
  • If the red flag is flying in the beach area at low tide, refrain from going into the sea. Do not go away in any way.
  • If necessary, take the help of Yasir’s lifeguard who is engaged in the security of the tourists. Let them know and get down to the beach.
  • Beach Photography: A couple of hundred beach photographers take pictures of tourists during the tourist season in Cox’s Bazar.
  • Each of these red-clad beach photographers has an ID card. Involved in work at several studios.
  • According to the government rate, the 4R size picture is 30 rupees.
  • Related signboards can be seen on Main Beach. It is better to look at the ID card before taking pictures from these beach photographers.

Speed boat ride:

There are several speedboats on the beach. This is the great place to speed boat ride. These run from Main Beach to Labani Point. Rent one around 100 rupees. Besides, with the help of an open speedboat, the lifeboat fare is 250 rupees per person.

Beach Bike: Several three-wheeled beach bikes travel to Cox’s Bazar Sagar Beach. Tourists have to pay Rs 50 per round for these bikes at a distance of about 1 km. Himchhari and Inani Beach Travel: Cox’s Bazar is located at a distance of 12 to 22 km.

One is Himachari and the other is Inani. Inani Beach is one of the most attractive beaches just 22 km from Cox’s Bazar. And just 12 km on the way to this beach, you can find another spectacular tourist spot Himachali.

You can take a jeep from Kalatali to these two places. If you go very early in the morning, you can visit two places and return to Cox’s Bazar in the afternoon. You can go by jeep from Cox’s Bazar here. If you take the reserve, the cost will be one and a half to two and a half thousand rupees. And if you go by local jeep, it will cost two and a half rupees per person to visit these two places.

Travel and Fares:

Those who want to go directly to Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka can go to Cox’s Bazar by direct bus from Dhaka to Chittagong. Buses leave directly from Dhaka Fakirapul, Arambagh, and Motijheel for Cox’s Bazar. In addition to Sohag, Green Line, Eagle, and other transport buses ply. Besides, from Dhaka by train or bus, first to Chittagong and then directly from Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar. Trains or buses leave Kamalapur in Dhaka every day. However, it is better to book tickets in advance.

Accommodation in Cox Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar, the world’s largest and most spectacular beach, has a number of international hotels, motels, and resorts. You can travel to Cox’s Bazar for a minimum of Rs 200 and a maximum of Rs 10,000. The rent of Hotel Seagull is 2,200-7000 rupees. Hotel algae rent 1,000-3,000 rupees. The rent of Hotel Laboni is 600-3,000 rupees. Upal rent is 1000-1500 rupees. C Crown rents 200-3000 rupees. Zia Guest Hall is 300-3000 rupees. Rent The rent of other hotel resthouses is often fixed. However, before traveling to Cox’s Bazar, it is better to contact the phone and send a booking to ensure accommodation. Rooms can be rented by talking directly.

Food & Restaurants in the Cox Bazar:

There are restaurants or food hotels near almost every residential hotel or hotel. You can take fun food as much as possible and within 10-500 rupees. But before eating, know the name, price, and time of preparation of the food. If necessary, keep a list of foods and prices. Pay the bill along with the list.

Essentials for St. Martin’s Travels: The blue of the sky and the blue of the sea blend in there, the boats tied to the shore, the rows of aesthetic coconut trees, and the gentle touch of the gentle breeze in the rhythm of the waves. St. Martin is a unique vacation spot for people thirsting for knowledge and travel with a combination of sand, rock, coral, or biodiversity. Jellyfish in the clear water, assorted marine fish, turtles, corals have turned St.

It is the only coral island in Bangladesh. St. Martin is a small island in the sea chest, 120 kilometers from the district town of Cox’s Bazar. Just water and water all around. Area 17 square kilometers. From Teknaf it takes two to two and a half hours to go by launch or ship by a trawler. Coconut, onion, chili, tomato rice are the main agricultural products of the island. And almost all the residents are fishing. However, due to the recent development of the tourism industry, many people are making a living through restaurants, residential hotels, or grocery shops. The people of St. There is accommodation for tourists at a low cost. The way St.Martin

Cox bazar hotel booking:

Cox Bazar is the first name in the list of leading places of interest in the tourism industry of Bangladesh. Whether it is the vastness of the sea or the leisure, Cox’s Bazar is always busy greeting the tourists. More than 500 residential hotels, resorts, and cottages have been set up near Cox Bazar beach to ensure an overnight stay, of the huge number of tourists visiting Cox’s Bazar. Cox Bazar hotel booking is easy for everyone.

St. Martin

Go to get to St. Martin from anywhere in Bangladesh, you have to go to Cox’s Bazar first. From Cox Bazar you will first reach Teknaf by jeep, from Teknaf you will reach St. Martin by C-truck, ship, or trawler. Every day several long-distance vehicles leave directly from Dhaka for Cox’s Bazar. The bus fare will be AC ​​800-1200 and non-AC 400-700. If you go to Cox’s Bazar then you will have to pay 30-50 rupees by bus, 40-60 rupees by taxi, or 500-1000 rupees (8-10 seats) to go to Teknaf by reserve microbus. C-Truck, Kerry Sindabad, and Nafsi Hajaj come and go from Teknaf to St. Martin every morning.

saint martin

Saint Martin

In addition to these excellent ships, trawlers also operate on this sea route. You can go to the desired vehicle. These ships take two hours to travel from Teknaf to St. Martin. On the other hand, these Sahaja leave St. Martin every day at 3 pm. When the sea is calm in winter and rough in the summer-monsoon season, then the movement is risky.

Where to eat:

Those who want to go to St. Martin for a short time, that is, return before evening, must board the return ship before 3 p.m. 3 hours is enough to visit this small island area. However, those who want to go to the main island and Chhera Island should have some time on their hands. There are several hotels and restaurants for tourists to dine at. Some of them are Carey Marjan Restaurant, Beach Point. Hotel Allah Dan, Bazar Beach. Besides, Assa

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